Changing Twitter Card Type


My Twitter Photo Card got approved recently, and the domain has been whitelisted. However, due to issues with the image sizing, the Card type is being switched to the new Large Summary Image Card. All the appropriate tags have been modified/added; however, the card doesn’t work in Twitter at all.

I assumed that it would work, since our domain is already whitelisted. Is this a wrong assumption? Or is there a process for whitelisted domains to change their card type without going through the approval process all over again?

Cheers, Anthony.


I also want to change my twitter card. Can I do that and it would work right away?


If you are already whitelisted, you’ll have to resubmit your approval request for the new card.


I’ve been approved for a Summary card for my website However, I want to change it to Summary Large Image. I am going to the following link:

After I select the Summary Large Image card and put in the info, it tells me that * is approved and it shows the Summary card format for the post over there. It doesn’t show me any button or option to Apply for the new card. Can you please guide me in this? Thanks!


same issue here


If you can provide a URL and add a tag on it identifying yourself (maybe something like “twitter:card:test” with value “hiphopbaseNL”), I’ll know you own it and can delete the entry. Then you can re-submit.


Can you provide a test URL?


Can you provide a test URL?


Dear Sir,

excuse me for bothering you, but having the same problem: my blog is approved ( for summary card. I would like to change it to Summary Large Image. Can you be so kind to advise what to do?

Many thanks in advance


No worries. Two things to help:

1.) Change the tags on the page
2.) Re-submit that same URL via the validator
3.) Re-apply, if need bae

You may need to submit multiple times, for reasons that might be a bit obscure and not worth going into. But when your tags update on that page, you’ll know our cache has recognized your changes.

Also note these step to refresh, which also works:


same issue .

Url :


The Twitter Card may have one or more of the following issues:

Image URL
Robots URL


Having the same issue as a few of the other people here. My site is approved and my tweets now show the summary card. However I would like to also use the summary large image card. When I select this from the catalogue and then go to the validator it just shows up as the summary. There is no button that I can select that will allow me to apply to use other types of cards. How can I add other types of cards as well? Please advise. My website is and a sample url is


I also want to change my twitter card to summary large. Can you enable me to resubmit my site?


Hi @rchoi Ryan Choi

I changed My twitter card “summery to Summary Large Image card” by as you mention step but my Card did Not work. Please help.

My URL is

thanks in Advance

Have a nice day


My blog url is



I also want to change my card type.
How can this be done?




Thanks for this. It looks like your tags are correct and re-validated.

Our cache is typically 7 days.



I am trying to make a card based on a website which is presenting iOS application.
It seems I should choose the Summery Card but the default card has been set on App card which is not possible to change.
How can I reset and make a new card based on Summery?
Of course I prefer App card if it could show the app directly on twitter but it doesn’t work.
So that is why I want to use Summery Card.
This is my website



Just change the markup in your web page:

<meta name="twitter:card" content="app">

Change the content to “summary” and then add any additional tags required by the summary card, like description etc.