Changing Twitter Card Type/Information/Layout



I recently validated my site (hosted on with twitter in order to get a twitter card every time a link is tweeted. It worked, but there are some things I would like to change to make it look differently.

Mainly, the layout I currently have is when you click “View photo”, you see with their profile pic on top, then a medium sized picture from the article on my site, then the title, then it says By @FutbolPulse FutbolPulse on the bottom. Here is a link to one of my tweets:

Meanwhile, the layout I want to have is firstly that it says “View summary” rather than “View photo.” When you click on that, I would like it to say FutbolPulse with my profile pic on top (instead of since my twitter account is the official account of, then a full-width image (rather than medium-sized), then the title, and then a short preview to the article (which does not appear on mine at the moment). Also, I would like the “By @FutbolPulse FutbolPulse” to be removed. Here is an example of what I would like my twitter card to look like (@Guardian):

Please help me make my twitter card look like what I described, that would be a huge help! Thanks!