Changing the "ownership" of cards


Hello -

Some time ago we implemented Summary Cards for our service. In the process of doing this, we used my personal Twitter account. The ownership of the cards should now be transferred to official comoany account so that all the links would show correctly. Would you be able to help us with this one, please?


Can you provide the domain and the new one to switch to?

If it’s obvious, we can do it for you.


Hi there -

Thank you. The domain is @NokiaMixRadio, which I think has already been set, but for some reason in certain sharing situations, my account (C_Classique) becomes visible to the users.

Many thanks for your support.


Hi @C_Classique, I see from your support ticket that we’ve recently confirmed your domain is tied to @NokiaMixRadio. Can you give us an example of where your account has become visible to users?