Changing rule for tweets starting with @username


Twitter is changing the visibility of tweets starting with @username

Now, when a tweet start with @username that tweet is visible only to “username” and only to the follower that follow both me and “username”.
With the future changes, that tweet will be visible to all my followers.

Our product heavily rely on the current rule and the future rule will be a problem for us.
So, I’m wondering how can I replicate the current behavior when the new rule will be applied.


This is to simplify and remove the need for the .@ syntax, and will only apply to new (non-reply) Tweets. Replies will continue to only be seen by those in the conversation and mutual followers in timelines, although of course all a user’s Tweets & Replies can be seen on that tab on their profile page anyway.

The technical documentation on the change is available on the developer site. Feel free to ask specific questions about the API changes in the REST or Streaming questions if needed.