Changing name of application


Hi guys,
We want to use “Mailbird” as our application name in the application management, but unfortunately it’s already taken. Can we somehow get that name, it will be really great since our twitter’s username is @Mailbird.


If you have a trademark then this might be possible, but it depends on what the other application using the name is being used for, whether it is active, etc. Unfortunately we’re not able to reassign names on a general basis. I’d suggest trying an alternative name (I don’t know if Mailbirdapp, Mailbird-auth etc are taken, but those might be possibilities - in general your app name is only going to show up as part of the OAuth flow within Twitter).


Currently we’re using MailbirdApp as the app name, but it would be so much better if we can change it to Mailbird instead. I don’t think I can file a ticket using that link, it’s only for username not for appname.


So your app’s Twitter OAuth page will say “MailbirdApp by Mailbird” (with your URL), which should provide a strong degree of authenticity that the app is genuinely from Mailbird. The only other place that the app name would appear would be in the source field in any Tweet objects created by the app. As I mentioned, unfortunately we cannot arbitrarily reassign the names of apps between users.


Yes I understand that. Is there anyway that we can reach out to the owner of “Mailbird” app name, they might be not using it anymore.


We cannot disclose information relating to ownership of app names, for privacy reasons.