Changing app permissions to read and write need a phone number... but you dont accept any of my Hong Kong numbers


I try and change my app permission to read-only to read and write and i get a message saying

You must add your mobile phone to your Twitter profile before granting your application write capabilities. Please read for more information

So I try and add my phone number here and given our firm is Hong Kong based therefore we put in cell phone numbers from three different providers Smartone Vodafone, 3, and PCCW and you reject every one of them with the following

Sorry, we don't have a connection to your mobile provider yet!
Don't worry, we're on it and will let you know once things are set up. In the meantime, use one of our long codes. Learn more. 

I dont want to tweet by mobile I just need to add the mobile number as requested in the first message.

How can I finish our internal companies tweeting app when I cannot physically send a Tweet !?

Can you suggest how we proceed?