Changing app permissions on twitter causes auth dialog not to redirect to callback url


I thought i posted this discussion issue yesterday, but it never showed up so posting again…

I’m having trouble with authentication of my app through twitter when I change the default app permissions on twitter.

Previously, I’ve had the app permissions be read-only. I went into the app on and changed my default permissions to read/write. If a user had previously authorized the app and had their permissions at read only and then tries to login to the app, it shows them the auth dialog (which makes sense since its now requesting read/write) but the problem is that when you click “Sign in” it doesn’t redirect to the callback url and just submits to and nothing happens.

If i revoke the app and then login, everything works fine, also new users that previously didnt have the read-only authorization for htis app also get redirected fine. Its only for users that currently have the app authorized but with a different level of permissions.

I’ve tried both by changing the default app permissions on twitter as well as modifying the the x_auth_access_type paramter to the request_token call and they behave the same way.

any idea whats going wrong here?


Thanks for reporting this. We’re looking into this issue!


any updates to this?


could I get an update on this? At least a verification from twitter that this is an actual bug and not just something wrong on my end? We can’t move over to a new permission level because it would break functionality for all the users that have already accepted with the previous permission level.


This is something we’re still working to resolve. You can mitigate in the meantime by using oauth/authorize.


Facing the same issue, Any updates on this?


This is still happening for me too, deleting tokens doesn’t always force users to reauthorize. The permissions in my case have been lowered, breaking the login for many, but not all, users.


This bug is affecting us too. Do you have any progress?


Hi there. Any progress with this issue? It also affect us


Same here. any updates


same here, any updates?

thanks !