Changes to Retweets for new Extended format of Tweets



Wanted to check how retweets will be affected by twitter announcing extended tweets wherein top 50 mentions and attachment url will not come in 140 char limit.
As per my understanding:
1.) In a quoted retweet, quoted tweet will not come in 140 chars.
2.) Mentions should still come in 140 chars as they get relaxed only if a tweet is a reply.
Are my assumptions correct ?


Can someone answer how retweets will be affected?

Specifically it would be helpful to know:

  • Will a retweet be in extended tweet format (i.e. have an extended_tweet property)?
  • Will the retweeted status (i.e. retweeted_status sub-property) be in extended tweet format (i.e. have an extended_tweet property)?
  • What about the leading RT @user: text?
    • Does it count towards the 140 character limit?
    • Is it excluded from the full_text or display_text_range properties?

Could an example retweet in Extended Tweet mode be provided in the github repository.



Thanks for the question. I’ve updated the sample payloads in our Github repo, based on the Support documentation recently added by Gnip.

The RT @user format is legacy (pre-native retweet functionality) and would be counted inside 140, as well as being displayed. The only way that the usernames get removed from the Tweets is when the auto_populate_reply_metadata parameter is used on a reply Tweet. So, a retweet in this format would not change.


Awesome. Thank you for the prompt response and Gnip resource. Very valuable.