Changes to results for POST notifications/follow (following flag no longer updates)


It seems that recently a change has been made in the response of the POST notifications/follow endpoint.

As before, the response is the user profile of the User which you’re trying to follow (wrapped in an array, but it’s the only element).
The difference is that now the profile isn’t updated to reflect the follow.

Details (I’m using the Ruby Twitter gem for this):

Assuming client is an instance of Twitter::Client created for another account (not Robinson_D)



Test results:

pre_follow_user = client.user(“Robinson_D”)
follow_result = client.follow(“Robinson_D”)
post_follow_user = client.user(“Robinson_D”)

p pre_follow_user.following

=> false


=> [false]

p post_follow_user.following

=> true

Essentially, when I last checked (a couple of months ago, I believe) the profile in the response to the follow request had following set to true, and this was used to ensure that the follow succeeded. We also (first) checked for errors, of course; this was just an additional step in validation.

At this point, it seems as though checking that field might be considered superfluous - if it failed we would, I would assume, receive something under the response errors, or, otherwise, no profile at all. Would this be correct? Is checking that no errors were returned but some profile was enough to ensure that the follow succeeded?

Thank you,