Change v1.0 to v1.1 returned NoFound



I’m trying to test the version 1.1 about the GET followers/ids method but the server returned NotFound.

When I try to call
work fine

When I try to call
I’ve the “NotFound” Exception.

Anyone can help me? I’ve lost a configuration? I’m already sending the request in GET method with the authentications parameters :frowning:

Thanks in advance


Have you verified the screen_name you’re passing belongs to a user that exists?

Can you verify that your code is actually accessing the path you think it is and not getting tripped up by any string concatenation or other issue?

Are you sure you’re getting a 404 and not a 400 or 401?


Thanks for the reply.

The passed screen_name exists and when I call the method version 1 works fine

The problem appear only when I switching from v1.0 to v1.1.

Can you show me the differences that affect this type of call?

Thanks in advance


Without knowing the exact username you’re trying to access, it’s difficult for me to investigate.

Are you sure you’re getting a true 404 error? Have you tried the request outside of the context of the library you’re using? Can you examine the true nature of the error you’re getting back?


Hum… I’m going to re-investigate about the nature of the error but I ask you:
The GET followers/ids v1.1 requires different parameters then the version 1.0 or changes only the url??


Ok the true nature of the error is “Unauthorized”.
Very strange…I can update the twitter status with the v1.1 correctly (POST request) but when I try to invoke (GET request) the error is “Unauthorized”