Change twitter cards to different account



I’d like to change the account I have that uses twitter cards to an account that is actually connected to the website that is using them. When I applied for twitter cards, I used my personal account, not knowing that the account would be shown with the cards when anyone posted a link from my website.

Is there a way to move my cards over to my more appropriate account?

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So I’m guessing it’s not possible. How about cancelling them for the account, then re-applying? Anyone? Twitter support? Is this thing on?


Sorry for the delay. Let me see what I can do; I’ll have to follow up offline.


Maybe I haven’t explained my issue. I’ll simplify. I’d like to no longer have twitter cards enabled for this account, easyBobIsBack.

Disable it. Make it go away. I will re-apply with the other account.


Fair enough. For the purposes of this thread, can you share out the domain so a Twitter employee (me or otherwise) can:

1.) Validate that you are the domain owner of said domain
2.) Do what you need to delete the association




Now I see your little twitter employee tag. Need to put that on your account, not just in here, less confusing for folks like me. :wink:

The domain is The account I would like to have it linked with is @EasysBabes (I’m sure you’ll see the issue with the connection to the personal account) For validation of the domain.

Thank you for the help. Apologies for not being a trusting person, safety first ya know. :slight_smile:


Deleted. You can re-submit now. Thanks.


Thank you Ryan. :slight_smile:


Ryan - I have a similar issue. I’m currently in the final stages of a redesign and wanted to add cards to the tweets generated from my sites tweet buttons.

I’m using a sub directory for testing the new site and also created a 2nd twitter account to test the card tweets.

When I applied for twitter cards, I mistakenly used the test twitter account with the address of my testing sub directory, thinking that later I would use my main twitter account with the main domain directory. I see now that I should have applied with my main twitter account, using the test account, to login, visit the site, and test the card with the tweet button.

Here’s the test account I applied with: @TesterPD
Test URL I used to apply with:

Account I want to re-apply with: @peterdavidian
URL/Domain I want to re-apply with: For validation of domain ownership.
What other things do I need to do?


  1. Can you have additional cards for different pages and/or sub directories, or are you only allowed to have one card per domain?

  2. What are the best practices for clearing the cache to test different versions of a card, ie: different image, title, text?

Thanks in advance!


0.) I’ve deleted your entry. You can re-submit with the new handle.

1.) You can have as many as you want. Just run examples of the page (by URL) through the validator.

1 :wink: You can use this technique to re-fresh the cache:


Thanks Ryan.

You’re The Best!


I’m having the same issue for my account. I have opened a discussion here :

Can you delete the entry as well for me ?

Do I need to do other things to make things right ?

Thanks for the answer !


Since we have mistakenly created a Twitter card with as wrong Website Twitter Username,
we want you to delete this Twitter card.

Because the Domain we used is a test site and we don’t want it to be viewed by other person.
Is it possible to send you the domain/url by e-mail privately?


You should be able to update your website’s meta tags, specifying twitter:site or twitter:creator.

Our cache will update in 7 days, or you can use this technique:


Hi Jim,

Have you tried specifying twitter:creator or twitter:site?


I have a similar issue as well and would like current cards deleted. I’m working with a multisite WordPress installation. I submitted for one of the blogs on the site and didn’t realize that the cards would display for all of the blog sites in the WP installation. Now I have the @PLOSMedicine handle when post links are tweeted from all the other blogs. I’d like to remove the cards and resubmit as soon as possible.

Account applied with: @PLOSMedicine
Test URL:

Account I want to use: @plosblogs



Can you please change association domain from @glebone account to



Completed as per [node:25538, title=“this request”]


Since I mistakenly registered wrong account, I want to change the account from @SeoG to @mixi.
I updated my website’s meta tags one month ago, but the wrong account is still shown with my twitter cards.

Domain: and


Just did the change.
Though are you sure you would not rather use @mixi_pr? In the card when the user clicks on the account at the top of the card, being sent to an protected account is not really great.