Change twitter cards to different account and Re-Submit Request



I want to re-submit Request for Twitter Card. I would like to change the account that uses twitter summary card that is actually associated to the Web Site that is using them.
In fact, When I applied for twitter cards and validated it, I mistakenly used the test twitter account, not knowing that the account would be shown with the cards when anyone posted a link from the website.
Is there a way to delete the association of the current account and the twitter card ?

More Information:
The Domain is :
The account I would like to have it linked with is : @DesiderandoTwit
To validate the domain :!/65EA3A22-8CC9-4451-BD2E-41020C0BF586



There’s been no reply !! So I guess there is no solution ? anyone from twitter support?


The account on record is only the default if there is no twitter:site or twitter:creator tags. Can you try adding those to the page and using the validator?


Now it’s OK. Thank YOU !!


Glad it’s working, and thanks for the follow-up!


I have a similar issue as well and would like current cards deleted. I’m working with a multisite WordPress installation. I submitted for one of the blogs on the site and didn’t realize that the cards would display for all of the blog sites in the WP installation. Now I have the @PLOSMedicine handle when post links are tweeted from all the other blogs. I’d like to remove the cards and resubmit as soon as possible.

Account applied with: @PLOSMedicine
Test URL:

Account I want to use: @plosblogs



Updated to new one. Thanks!


I work for a corporation that has one twitter:site that we use to tweet about three different blogs. Is it possible to validate twitter cards for one twitter:site to 2 subdomains and a different domain?

Thank you for your help!


Hi Allie, a card must be validated for every domain where you want to use it. If you validate a card for a top level domain though (e.g., then all subdomains can also use that card (e.g.,, etc).