Change to Tweet Button and Tweet Intent link wrapping UI


Hi everyone,

Quick note about a small change to the user experience of the Tweet Button that went out just now. As part of the ongoing roll out of Twitter’s link wrapping service (, links in Tweets made through the Tweet Button (and by extension, the Tweet and Reply Web Intent) will now be shortened when the user posts the Tweet, not beforehand, as was previously the case.

This means that users will not see a link in their Tweet text before they post, and will instead see the exact URL passed in from your site (be that full-length, or your own short URL format.) That URL will be wrapped by when the Tweet is posted. Obviously, the Tweet length counter counts the URLs at their eventual size (19 characters, as of today.)

Note that the rollout also means that all URLs that a user enters in a Tweet through Intents are being wrapped, not just those passed in using the url parameter.

For sites using their own shortener, you’ll find that this change means your URL format will now be what the user sees in the editor, and removes confusion about which URL will be visible when the Tweet gets rendered. As has always been the case, links users to the exact URL you pass in, so any analytics you’re doing through your own interstitial service are maintained.



@benward · Twitter Platform Team


Thanks for this Ben, this is exactly what we were waiting for. :slight_smile:


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