Change the content of a tweet when shared



I am using the twitter timeline and have enabled the showTweetActions which let’s me share tweets from my App; so far so good…

When I share a tweet the UIActivityViewController pops-up and the full tweet.text is passed to the ActivityItem parameter which actually shows up in the share.

Now: I want to add a hashtag (or some other text) to this ActivityItem manually. Can anybody explain to me how to do this, since the tweet.text is readonly and I have no clue to to set the ActivityItem otherwise since this flow is completely hidden…



@wveldhuis Just to be sure I’m following. Do you mean always have the same hashtag appended to any tweet that’s shared via your app or would the hashtag be conditionally chosen?


Hi Michael, thx for reaching out. I mentioned that tweet.txt was used in a share, but it is the tweet.permalink. But question remains the same. I think both could work for me. Since I am sharing a tweet from my App, I would like to add for example always my App name with a pre-defined text; something like ‘Shared from the Round Here App’. But when think about localisation, the text should be flexible. It would be great if I could simply access the UIActivityViewController call and append any object (what is possible with this VC) in the ActivityItem. Do you know a short term fix or does this need to be solved in a SDK update?.

I also found a bug when the showTweetActions is set to true. When this is done the heart icon and share icon are shown under the message. In some cases the cell height is not set correctly and only half of the icons is visible. This happens not that often, but I noticed a couple of times.

Furthermore I am a happy user of the SDK :wink: Looking forward to your reply…

Founder of Round Here App


Thanks @wveldhuis I don’t know of a short-term fix, but I’m going to try out a few things to see if I can get this working.

For the other bug, if you see this happen again, can you let me know approximately the cell height you’re seeing it on or a screenshot?


Hi, any fix or update on my topic?


Wim Veldhuis


Hi @wveldhuis, there isn’t currently a way to add your own text to the UIActivityViewController. That would need to be added in a later release.

As for those incorrect cell heights, the should be fixed in the next release of Twitter Kit.