Change settings?


I cant change my Username or settings without it sayin “incorrect password entered” but where do i enter my password #Confused H E L P


I found the best thing to do is click on “forgot my password” under the Username/password area. Dealing with the Cache will only loop you continueousely, not sure why but it has always been a slight problem for me. Once you varify your email, you will be prompted to put in a new password and you will be back on track. Do not keep trying to re-enter your password, otherwise it will lock you out for some time… Hope this helps!


BTW- I am not sure you can change your actual @Username so you may have to discontinue your account and start over… This will be found at the bottom of your account settings area at the bottom of Account Profile settings to delete account. Not sure, but you may need to use a different email account to get started. You can change your email account when you re-start set-up.

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