Change search query from program


I created a timeline widget to search for shirt, Is it possible to override the search query of a widget?

Tweets about #shirt

If i replace shirt with some other query through program in href=“”, I am still getting the tweets about default search term shirt.


To change a search query in the new embedded timeline widget, you need to reconfigure the widget – you cannot dynamically change the query by changing the markup.


My requirement is like that I want to show tweets for a query which is searched by a user, so it will keep on changing. Can you suggest a alternate library which provide this kind of feature. Thanks for the reply.


It looks like somehow the hashtag is hard-coded into the widget, even though there’s a query string in the widget source. This makes the widget useless for our site. I imagine this is one of the primary use cases for a twitter widget!

Any updates on when this will be fixed?