Change query on embedded timeline from client?


I’ve been starting to develop with the embedded timeline that uses search, and everything is pretty good. However, I have a requirement that my users be able to change the tags in the Twitter search parameters.

But, it does not appear I can change the query from the client side. Is that true?

If I cannot currently do that, are there any plans to add a feature like this in the future? The only alternative I see to meet my user requirement is to write my own custom Twitter feed widget from scratch using the Twitter API. And, that seems like a lot of overkill and reinventing the wheel just to be able to change the query from the client.



You are correct that you cannot change the query on the fly. There are currently no plans to offer this functionality with this widget. To offer such a widget you would need to “roll your own” using the REST API server-side as you’ve surmised.