Change query from about me to just by me


I have an embedded html feed in my Word Press website, the embedded code seems to show any tweet which includes my name. This has proved embarrassing when a troll decides to tweet something unsavoury at me as it automatically appears in my website feed.

Instead, I wish my feed to only show my own tweets and those tweets of others that I have specifically retweeted, so in effect also my own tweets. But definitely no-one else’s tweets at me!

When I try to edit the embedded html code, I don’t seem to have this option, only a tick box for top tweets or safe search mode.

Thank you in advance for any assistance.


OK, I had created a widget with a URL specifically used for searching for tweets, and not a link to the twitter account URL

I created a new widget for a profile and it gave me the correct code.

Solved it myself - delete this question or mark it as answered for others to find via search.