Change domain to different account and link sub-domain to a different account



How can we change the account Twitter card approval is set up for?

Currently @NSPCCpro is approved for:

We need:

@NSPCC approved for
@NSPCCpro approved for

How can we switch this?



Hi Hazel,

If you can add some identifying information to the website (either in a comment or soforth), that will prove you own the access to that site.

I can then delete the entries, and you can re-submit the correct associations as you see fit.

I will guide, however, that I’m unsure if you can do a sub-domain as you specified above; you should try to test that before we do any deleting to make sure it works as you would expect.




Hi Ryan,

Would it work if on every page we want a card to show as @NSPCC we include:

And everytime we want it to show as @NSPCCpro we include:

We can try this and see if it works.



Please do, and let me know how it works.