Change access level for a specific user


Is there some way to escalate the access level to a specific user’s account? My application only needs read access to most user’s accounts, so the application’s access level is Read Only. However, I’d like to be able to get Read/Write access to privileged user’s accounts, so that they can access features most users won’t have.

If I’m reading the docs right, using the x_auth_access_type parameter with POST oauth/request_token is the only way to override the application’s access level, but it wouldn’t seem to be useful in this case because I don’t know at this point the user’s Twitter username.

I suppose I could have an entirely different request flow for the privileged users, but is there something else I’m missing here?


Hi @twitsignature,

Your thinking is pretty correct here. You’d want to make your application-level default the most permissive level, but explicitly use x_auth_access_type to ask for downgraded tokens the majority of the time, except for those few cases where you’ll want to ask for a higher access level.


Got it. Thanks, Taylor!


How to change access level?