Certain links triggering error code 131



Hey guys! We build a social scheduling tool that allows users to send messages through our platform. I’ve run into a strange issue where a certain user’s posts keep triggering error code 131’s. Normally we see this come back if we try submitting an image too large for twitter or if there’s some malformed data in the request. However, the request (below) looks completely normal.

    status: 'What\'s Next?  Thinking about 2016 races... #runchat http://bit.ly/1Wwz2dP', 
    include_entities: 1, 
    photo: 'http://coschedule.s3.amazonaws.com/3099/1e/98c12081d611e5a7efa1e8adc484b1/Whats-Next-683x1024.png'

When sending this to twitter, we receive a Code 131 response.

Now normally when we encounter an error like this, we wait a few minutes then retry the message. However we’ve retried the same message 7 times over an hour and still receive the same response.

If this were for a particular message I wouldn’t be as concerned. In this case, though, we’re receiving this code for multiple messages with different images and links for the user’s website.

I’m wondering if there’s any known platform issues with twitter or if we could get some more insights on why twitter doesn’t seem to like this particular user’s blog.

If there’s any additional data you’d like just let me know!