Certain date-range queries seem to take an unnecessarily long time


It seems that if you create a query with a date-range outside the scope of the corresponding entity, the job takes much longer than if the range is within the scope. For example, consider a campaign with data from August 10th - August 15th. A query from Aug. 10 - 15 would run at a reasonable time, while a query from Aug 1 - 30 would take a much longer amount of time, even though the extra dates contain no additional data. I was wondering if this is to be expected, or if this is potentially an issue with implementation? Thanks!


Thanks for starting a new thread! Here’s the reply from the other thread:

Processing times depend on and are affected by many factors—some related to the request itself (e.g., requesting more or less data) and others related to load—so it’s difficult isolate.

Could you please describe how you and your team make asynchronous stats requests? For example, noting:

  • how often you make requests
  • how you choose which entities to make requests for
  • how you select date ranges
  • how you manage the number of requests you make
  • etc