CDATA appearing in Twitter embed code



I have a twitter widget on my wordpress page. When I update the content of my page, the timeline disappears, leaving only a text link to the feed. when I go back and look at the code, it has changed, and the phrase CDATA is now appearing, apparently stopping the feed from displaying. I have to go back to Twitter, generate a new code for the widget, then paste it into the website code again. This works - until I need to change the content again!
Could someone tell me why this is? All I can find is some references to js, but I don’t know what action to take to solve it and stop the CDATA phrase from popping up!



Twitter buttons and widgets contain two parts: the text link component you are seeing on the page; Twitter’s widgets JavaScript file to enhance the link and display a full widget or button.

It seems like your WordPress settings are preventing inserting a <script> element into your post body. The script may be stripped in the visual editor but persists in the text editor, causing the disconnect.

Your problem is specific to WordPress and the configuration of your site. Seeking help on the WordPress forum will likely be more productive than a Twitter developer forum for Twitter widgets.


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