Category list for people who follow a lot of people


Twitter Developers: Can you make a category list for people who follow a lot of people?
Like the “Family” category would have all of the person’s family in it and therefore in a fast swipe would be able to read all the tweets from family members without having to look for them.
Also being able to make more categories and adding people to them, like: business, family, friends, close friends, etc; someone could just tap on the different categories and read the tweets from friends, family and business.
It probably would be best if only the person who put someone in a category could see what category they put that person in, just so friends wouldn’t get upset if they weren’t in another person’s “close friend” category.
Just an idea that I think would help thousands of people who have hundreds of friends, close friends, businesses, restaurants, and more that they follow.
Thank you!
Y’all do a great job! Keep it up! God Bless! =D
Jonathan Blair