Cashtags limited to 6 characters?



Does anyone know why $cashtags limited to 6 characters? Is there a strong reason behind this, or just to save twitter space?


As far as I understand it, Cashtags are supposed to be similar to stock symbols, and most of those are four characters. I don’t know the history behind the cashtags idea or the specific limitation in the twitter-text library, though.


Hey Andy, I’ve narrowed down the issue even further. It’s actually very odd. If I say $whatever and search for the exact phrase “whatever”, it won’t show up in the results at all. I can’t even search for the word it’s using without the %24 or $ character.

I realize the cashtags are meant for stock symbols, but they work for anything with 6 chars or less. So $damon works, but $damonpace is unfindable.

I randomly ran into @jack the other day on the street in SF and asked him to extend these, but I’m sure he’s bit too busy to care. I’m building something very unique with cashtags and am willing/able to talk with someone at Twitter HQ about extending these. It’s a very big revenue opportunity for Twitter and worth their time to at least listen to what I’ve built.

How can I talk to someone about the twitter-text library and extending cashtags?


Hey @damonpace drop me a DM on Twitter with some more information and I’ll see what I can figure out with you. Thanks. Note that this is not just a twitter-text limitation, that’s just a parser/validation layer, so it’s potentially a lot more work than just that angle, but happy to discuss.