Cards work in validator but don't work if I post article from the Application



Hi everyone !

There are some weeks I had no problem with the Twitter Cards in Summary format with a large image. But in recent days, my articles are no longer displayed correctly if they are posted from the Android Application…

Example with this link :

In Twitter Validator :

In Twitter Timeline (in the Android Application) :

Any idea about this problem?

Thank you!


I’m the only one with this problem ? :smile:


I’ve noticed this too. If I tweet with a link using the desktop website, the corresponding Twitter Card shows correctly. But if I do so using the Twitter app (I’m using the Android one), the Twitter Card does not show up at all.


Thanks for your answer, I like to know I’m not the only one.

So… Any developpers of Twitter have an answer for us ? Do we need to do something to repair this problem ? Thanks :slight_smile: