Cards work in validated not being approved


Hey guys,

I am trying to get twitter cards setup on a clients site; They look fine on the validator, however I keep getting responses from support that ‘The URL Provided did not validate’ with no further info. We tried just resubmitting them the first few times but they keep coming back the same.

We are trying to get a few different card types approved:
Summary cards -
Gallery cards -
Large image summary cards -
Player Cards -

Now the thing of note to me is that, while the player card there was validating fine when submitted, it now shows in the validator ‘fetching the page failed due to an internal error’. Which reads as though it is a twitter server problem, however its working fine for the other ones. Can anyone see what my meta tags are missing?


Some updates:

Summary - looks like it’s working
Gallery - Please submit via Validator
Large image - Looks like it’s working
Player - submit via validator; may take 3 weeks or more to approve


Hey Ryan,

Not sure I understand your update? All 4 types have been submitted via the validator, and I am aware of the increased wait time for player cards, but it doesn’t really answer my question?



Sorry for the confusion.

The Gallery card is not whitelisted, so please submit that.

I will ask on our side about the approval process and why your specifically was rejected.


As an update, please try it again now.