Cards won't work despite all appropriate meta tags existing



Description of issue: Twitter card information not showing despite the meta tags being implemented properly

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  • Not using any plugins; just plain meta tags and PHP if statements. Can confirm in view-source they are rendering properly. Page is not rendering them via Javascript
  • All appropriate meta tags contain the correct markup / value
  • I am using the appropriate twitter:card value (ie - meta name=“twitter:card” content=“summary”)
  • I have Facebook OG tags implemented as well. I have tried putting them before and after the Twitter card meta tags to no avail
  • In the validator, my page is successfully fetched with 6 metatags found, and errors out as No Card Found (Card Error) with no further information


I’m not seeing either twitter: or og: meta tags, regardless if I pull the page using curl or loading it in Chrome. I’m not sure what is going on here. I see a Cloudflare script in the page, is there anything that could be caching the page that is not passing along the tags?


No, the Cloudflare script is just a CDN for html5shiv. But it looks like it’s just caching. Tried pulling it up on another computer and had to hard refresh the source to see the tags.

Weird, because I cleared the cache. Guess it’s just one of those stupid little web things. This can be closed now - thanks!

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