Cards taking a long time to show up


Hey there. I am having an issue where tweet with links to valid and whitelisted cards don’t show the card until ~15 mins after the link was posted. Once the link shows, it is fine. Is there any way that I can make it function a bit better?

It seems like there are many people having this same issue, and is maybe about caching. Would it be possible to have some note in the docs that I can point to for clients regarding this issue?

here is an example of a card that isn’t showing up (even though the link is valid)


When I tweet that URL, a card does show up.

It is possible that a card may not immediately show when a link is tweeted, depending on the Twitterbot crawler which generates the card data. There’s no way to change the way this works on the user side, I’m afraid. You’ll find some more information in our Troubleshooting Guide.