Cards on auto-posted links


I’m using cards on my blogger blog, and it works good, but only if I post the link by the ‘tweet’ button on the post page, ou post the link on twitter site.
I tried using ifttt (if this then that) to auto-post my posts, but on that way, the tweet don’t have the cards.
There’s a way to auto-post blog posts to twitter, and still have the card?

Thank you in advance


Hi Thiagomgd,

Thanks for using Twitter! You’ll have to talk to Blogger about ways to do that, as they’re in control of the post mechanism.

If you share the IFTTT link it shares, I can take a closer look. I wonder if they’re wrapping the URL in a way that doesn’t re-direct to your original post, which is something you may want to mention to them.



I tried twice: one with the ifttt url shortener active, and one without it. The tweets are these ones:
With shortener:
without shortener:

If you see the source of the page, you`ll see that the card info is ok (at least for what I can tell)

Thank you!


Hi there,

I see both having cards here:,aZqzDcI

It might have taken a little time for our cache to crawl both. Sorry about that.

Also, one of them is not showing an image because it does not fit our minimum height/width requirements. (120x120)


I changed the robots, and seems that helped to crawl the content. Maybe it was a restriction on the original one by blogspot/blogger system. I noticed a less than 5 min. time to cards to show correctly, after the change. Before, it passed an entire day withou the cards showing up.

Thank you for your answers anyway.



Great to hear. Thanks for updating us!


If you want to use “summery” or “summary large image” twitter card for blogger I recommend this solution.
This works on multi author blogger blogs too.