Cards not working when sharing from an Android app


I am developing an Android app with a share button. It shares a web URL using an Android Intent that invokes the system chooser. When the Twitter app is also installed, it shows in the chooser as a target for the share. PROBLEM: When Twitter is selected, the URL is shared but it does not utilize the Twitter card meta tags that are in the webpage URL that is being shared.

The URLs have been validated using the Twitter card validator. Also, when the same URLs are shared on, the Twitter card meta tags are discovered and processed properly. Looks to be only an issue when sharing on Android from another app.

Here is a code snippet of how we are sharing:

    Intent sendIntent = new Intent();
    sendIntent.putExtra(Intent.EXTRA_TEXT, Uri.parse(""));

Any ideas how to get the sharing from Android to utilize the twitter card meta tags from the shared URL?

Thanks in advance!


What is the URL you are sharing?

If I understand this correctly:

  • Tweeting a link to the site from -> Card shows up in Tweet (web and mobile)
  • Tweeting a link to site from Android app -> Card does not show up in Tweet (web and mobile)

Can you confirm?


Yes, exactly!



It would be really, really helpful if you can share:

  1. The URL you are sharing so we can take a look at the markup
  2. A link to an example Tweet posted on the web containing the URL, showing the Card.
  3. A link to an example Tweet posted via your App containing the URL