Cards not validating from Squarespace


I’ve spent three hours on this now and it’s just not making sense.

I’ve tried a few different ways not to get cards to validate from different pages and “gallery pages” off of my SS site and each time I’m getting the same

ERROR: Invalid value (message: Field description failed to validate because: text expects tag property, but not found in Map().)

I’ve read a bunch of other posts on this but they all tend to answer “Oh, you’re missing the description tag.” But I don’t believe I am. I’ve even manually pasted the “sample code” into given pages, not even changed it at all (just to test) and still getting invalid results.

When I “inspect” any of the pages I have entered I have, indeed, seen an automatically generated description tag. So I don’t know what’s up. I’ve tried manually injecting code into the header of individual pages, etc. I’m just a bit lost.

Here’s a few sample pages I’ve trie.

And here’s the elements I’m seeing on inspection.