Cards In Arabic showing title description from left to right when posted



HI All,

I have included the required tags for the twitter cards on one website. When I try posting the url on twitter it is fetching all the content like twitter title,desrption and image. But the title and description are in arabic but on post these are getting shown in left to right fashion not in right to left. Please help me by telling me the setting which I can do on my page to tell the twitter that it has to show the title description in RTL format:

Below is one sample url having the same issue:

Please help


Hi All,

What shall I guess by getting no reply so far… Is this the thing not supported by twitter. Please reply


No reply probably means that individuals have not had a chance to look into it or investigate or don’t know the answer. I’m sorry but I don’t know right now.



Thanks a lot for replying… I would request you to please help me in this… as this is an major issue I am facing.


Please help me getting this resolved…