Cards and Android Apps in Alpha: is there some way to test it?


Hello all!

Question: I have an app that still in development stage (in alpha in play store). I would like to do and end 2 end test with cards, but it looks like that I can validate a card with an Alpha app!

Is there some way to publish cards that addressing Alpha apps?

Thanks a lot!!!



@karinakohl, can you explain the details/steps of what your end-to-end test would be?

You probably cannot fully test it with an alpha app, but I don’t want to assume that.


Thanks for replying!
Well, I need to publish a card that will contains dynamic information I will need to send to the app! The app will take this parameters and perform some action to return to the customer some information. Our idea was to publish the app only after having the e2e test done because, basically, the app will depend on the card (the entire flow will only make sense from the card on)


You have somewhat of a “chicken before the egg” scenario. Unfortunately, you can’t validate the card without a live app. The card uses standard URL schemes so you could emulate the card with a webpage to test your deeplink behavior.

This is not Fabric related, but the mobile developers in the Fabric forum may have some ideas.


Thanks for the tips, Jon! We will try to validate the deep link with a common web page!!!