Card whitelist approved for specify page


Hi team,

Last week, we made a request for domain:
However, i had just received notification that our domain was rejected due to accessible problem.

The URL you provided for to use the sumary_large_image card is inaccessible. Please check to make sure the page is available, then reapply for a Twitter card.

Thanks for your patience. See you soon!

We are really sorry because lack description when request to you.
Because, the above site is development enviroment, so only some IPs are allowed to access (included Twitter valiator tool). To make it easy for your verification, i have just push it to production site is:
However, we only implement Twitter Card for news category page only (not all page).

Example detail page:

Could you please help me to re-verify and make below url as whitelisted domain?

Thank you so much!


You do not need to request whitelisting for anything other than Player cards.

Your card markup currently uses sumary_large_image and it should be summary_large_image.


Really sorry for my misstake.
It work perfectly now!!!
Thank you so much.

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