Card vallidations problems: "Failed to crawl url"


I’m trying to validate the card for our blog post, but I’m getting the following error: “Failed to crawl url, debugId: 17527669706581-721171”.

The URL I’m trying to validate is

We are using Wordpress, hosted on WPEngine. I’m adding the meta data via Yoast SEO. The Search Engine Visibility is enabled on WP (Discourage search engines unchecked).

Any reason why the validation tool is unable to crawl?


same here :wink: +1


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble.

With regard to CMS systems, have you checked out our CMS Integration guide? It might have helpful pointers:


has there been any resolution to the multiple complaints of failed validation ?
This does not look like a serious fact finding from the part of the twitter developers !
Are these twitter cards still up for use ? Or should we just all not bother with it any longer ?


Same here with Can you check? Thanks


Hi Emmanuel,

The S3 Amazon domain does not have a robots.txt which would allow us to crawl your site. You will need to use your bucket name as a subdomain like so:

Then you can provide a robots.txt of your own on that subdomain to allow our Twitterbot access to your image.

User-agent: Twitterbot
Allow: *

This should solve your issue, but please keep us posted if that is not the case.