Card Validator


Does the Card Validator work?
I’m trying to Validate URLs, but there isn’t a submit button.

Also, the Card Preview is showing “Previewing cards is not supported in this browser.” in IE10 and Firefox 20.
So, what browser IS supported?




Hi @Miss_High_Heel. I’ve got the same problem with the preview. Have you make it run? I’ve tried with Firefox 20, IE10 and Chrome (don’t remember the version) and no success. I don’t know how to see a preview before ask for the validation :frowning:


The preview works with WebKit-based browsers - Chrome,…


Twitter Cards also works with Safari. But, since it doesn’t work in the two most popular browsers ( IE and FF ), it seems hardly worth the trouble to use it!


I can successfully validate my card but the “Request Approval” button is disabled and “ not approved” is shown. How can I proceed? Is there some manual approval required?


I have a same trouble that “Request Approval” button is disabled even all required codes have already set on the website! Did you find how to proceed? Does anyone know about this problem?


Having the exact came problem - submit button is disabled