Card validator works with 'value' not 'content'on twitter:card name


When we use the card validator, we receive a message that there is no card:
ERROR: No card found (Card error)

We are using <meta name="twitter:card" content="summary"> rather than value="summary"

See a Guardian article vs a NYT one. Both seem to actually share ok with cards displayed.

Is this a defect in the validator, or are the recommendations changing?

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Per the documentation on cards, ‘content’ is the required term.

Can you provide a link to where the markup is working on your site?



Thanks for the reply. The link’s in the original message - I work for the Guardian.

It works on the site, but doesn’t validate in the tool.

Cheers, C


Weirdness! I’ll ask one of the Cards folks to take a look.


Hi - it seems the links don’t show summary cards when we use the documentation now.

I’m confused as to why they’ve stopped showing up. Any suggestions?


I think it’s because we’ve got too much crap above the meta tags… updating now!