Card Validator: Unable to Render Card Preview



So, I have a little blog at Google’s Blogger. Recently, I’ve started to get a bit more active with it. Last weekend, I was looking at the Analytics page on Twitter, and I saw this thing called “Twitter Cards”. It looked interesting, so I started to read about it.

To begin, I pasted code into Google’s Blogger Template subsection under “Edit HTML”. The source came from the following site: I made sure to follow the directions – to the letter.

Next, I added some Meta Descriptions to my individual blog posts, which I’ve since learned I can change at any future date.

However, what I haven’t done (yet) is the following:

  1. Select, copy, and paste a Custom robots.txt type into Blogger; and
  2. Add a photo to every one of my blog posts.

Which brings me to the Card Validator. The URL link to my blog site is: However, Google references the following under the Settings --> Basic subsection in my Blogger account:

“Warning: HTTPS is currently not available for custom domain blogs.
If HTTPS Redirect is turned on [It’s not, by the way, and the Drop-Down List to turn it on is grayed out.]:
Visitors to your blog will always go to
If HTTPS Redirect is turned off [It is.]:
Visitors to will be served over HTTP, an unencrypted connection. Visitors to will be served over HTTPS, an encrypted connection.”

So, whenever I copy and paste my blog’s URL (and I’ve tried all kinds of combos, from the simple one to the more lengthy ones, such as the http and https ones cited in full in that Google passage), I get the following return response from the Card Validator:

“Unable to Render Card Preview.”

So, that’s my story. If any one can help, then I’d much appreciate it.

When time permits, of course. I’m not in a rush.

[Please note, though: I’m merely an English major who loves to write, and I’m not a developer (but I am more than willing to learn).]


P.S. I have another question, too, but it’s secondary. Namely, once I set-up a Twitter Card, no matter which one, how do I put it into action and from where? Thanks for your patience, for your time, and for your understanding. I’ll check back later. Until then, have a great day, everybody!


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