Card Validator reports 'WARN: Not whitelisted'


The URL in question is:

The tags in the page right now are taken directly from

The full report from the validator is:
INFO: Page fetched successfully
INFO: 3 metatags were found
WARN: Not whitelisted

curl -A Twitterbot

properly renders the page.

I understand from reading other postings that the ‘Not whitelisted’ error can sometimes be misleading. Any recommendations?


I don’t see any Twitter card markup when I load your page. Are you expecting them to be rendered by a Javascript function?


@andypiper If you curl -A Twitterbot

You should see the following HTML:

The URL produces different output if the user-agent is a bot.

How are you attempting to access the URL?


Ah, got it - yes, I see that it is different in the browser and with the Twitterbot user agent. However, you’re not returning a content-type header on that response to the Twitterbot. Try adding Content-Type: text/html.


@andypiper You nailed it!

I appreciate your help!


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