Card Validator reports "No metatags found" even though my markup contains them



Description of issue:
Twitter cards are not showing up when links are shared on twitter for pages on our domain. The markup clearly contains the twitter markup tags. I’ve searched the forums and there are reports of this issue and some suggest making sure the Content-type returns text/html. Ours does that.

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Example URLs that are problems:

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Use the Twitter Card Validator and see this output:

INFO:  Page fetched successfully
WARN:  No metatags found

However, if you look at the page source, you’ll see both Open Graph and Twitter tags in the .

I’ve verified that posting a link on twitter does not show the twitter card. I’ve looked at the markup and it’s showing both FB open graph and Twitter tags. Also verified that our robots.txt is not blocking anything (we don’t even have a robots.txt). I’ve also used curl to simulate twitter bot to fetch the page using curl -A "Twitterbot/1.0" <url> and all the HTML returns as expecting with the OG and Twitter markup


@TwitterDev @andypiper Would really appreciate some urgent help here as it looks to be impacting nearly all our pages.


After looking at our markup, it looks like we had this meta tag in the <head> which was missing a content attribute. This was causing twitterbot to fail:

<meta itemProp="article:published_time" name="article:published_time" property="article:published_time" class="next-head"/>

By adding a content attribute to be an ISO 8601 datetime, the Twitter Card Validator now shows a card!

However, still have a problem where if someone posts one of our links on twitter, a card still does not show. (In other words, Twitter Card Validator shows that a twitter card should show, but feed does not show a card). Is this due to some caching issue?


I’m seeing these links working in the validator now, apologies for the temporary issue here.


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