Card Validator not working


I can’t get the card validator to work. I continually get:

INFO: Page fetched successfully
WARN: No metatags found

I’m running on a meteor + react stack. And I can see the meta tags when in browser console > elements.

Pretty much threw the sink at the meta tags. Verified I also have a robot.txt file.

I’ve tried both:

any help appreciated!


and to add on… a little frustrated with the validator - the error message the validator gives is basically useless. No way to troubleshoot what the issue is. Or am I missing something?




So with meteor your tags are being rendered client side. What’s the result running curl as Twitterbot? Do you have a server side fallback?

More troubleshooting steps to check here:



thanks for the thoughts. the above .jpg is an example of the page rendering (viewed via developer tools in Chrome). in Meteor speak I’ve used DocHead (from Kadira) and (haven’t done spiderable yet, but believe prerender accomplishes the same thing).

when I curl it… I don’t see the same head tags… hmm…


Working with @tewksbum on this.

I curled the url and uploaded to S3

curl ""



This seems to indicate it’s not a content issue, but likely a performance issue. Am I thinking about this correctly?


got it working… not entirely sure why…

  1. we implemented window.prerenderready = false / true around our class level data subscriptions (meteor + react)
  2. when querying we now show as a “white labeled” domain. dont know when, where or why this happened.

we use for ssr