Card Validator Not Working


I can not get the validator to validate the link above. I keep getting “Server error. Please try again”.

If you go to the link and view source it has the meta tags.

Also where is the Request Approval button for cards? And how do you tweet Cards?

I cannot seem to find this information in the Twitter documentation.


Hi Carl, you are using meta tags that require values when added to a page. If you are not using the app tags, domain tag, or creator tag, then delete these entirely and your card should validate.

To request approval, go to the cards validator ( and you’ll notice a tab that says “Validate & Apply”. Enter any URL on your domain that uses a Twitter card. If it validates and is approved, then any URL on your domain will be able to use that card type.

Simply tweet with a URL to use a card. A card is automatically attached to any tweet that includes a URL with working meta tags in its source.


I deleted the empty tags and tried again. I still get “Server error, please try again.”