Card Validator not working


I’m using the Card Validator and inputed the URL but it doesnt work. Always return “exceeded 15seconds. to pink-floyd while…”

I’m not if it’s wrong but I’ve always tried with other links from other websites, too. Returned errors. I hope this will be fixed soon so I can validate my cards.



Sorry about this. Can you provide a URL?

Our Validator was having issues a week ago, but if I have the URL i can help investigate.


Here’s a URL:

Looking forward.


For some reasons, our servers can’t reach that site. Any ideas? Worth asking your domain host.


That’s pretty strange… I’ll try this again once I’m able to change my host. Currently I’m at 000webhost so I’m pretty sure their support aren’t going to be good enough to answer the question about this.


I also have same kind of problem please do reply
My wesite url is :