Card Validator not detecting meta tags



Hi there,

We’ve had twitter cards integrated on Behance for years, but the integration recently stopped working. For example, this URL contains a number of beta tags for the sumary_large_image card type:



However, the validator responds as follows:

How come it’s only detecting two tags? And is the “Not whitelisted” warning still relevant? My understanding is that all card types (aside from Player Cards) should now be auto-whitelisted.

Are we missing something obvious? Doing something wrong? Would love some help here as this is a large driver of user engagement for us.



Hi there! Do you know whether something has changed in the way Behance pages get generated?

When I pull that URL using

curl -A Twitterbot

… I don’t see any significant HTML or meta tags, just a lot of Javascript. It looks like maybe there’s a bunch of client-side rendering going on, so the tags are not showing up unless the page is opened in a browser.

The Not Whitelisted warning can be ignored in this case, i think the more important thing is figuring out how to get the meta tags rendered for the server-side cards crawler (which cannot execute any Javascript).


Ah, that makes perfect sense. Twitterbot was supposed to be whitelisted on our side to skip past that page, but no longer is. Fixing now. Thanks for the quick help!