Card validator not actually issuing requests?


I’m trying to point the card validator at which seems to have everything in place, but I’m getting the dreaded “Invalid card type” error (even when copying/pasting the code from the generator.

Now, looking at the webserver logs, it doesn’t appear that any request was made to my server by any Twitter user agent?


Thanks for this. Can you try the following:

And search for “Invalid card type”


I’ve noticed previously validating cards are now failing in the validator with symptoms similar to those described by @localangle. This does not seem to affect the ability to actual Tweet the cards, just the ability to use the validator.


Hey Mike,

Can you provide a URL example?


@localangle, actually, I see this meta information:

In particular, the description tag “content” attribute is malformed; it has a

tag in it. Can you try fixing that and using the validator again?