Card Validator: Fetching the page failed because other errors



Originally we were having issues with the SSL handshake. Since implementing changes we found on these forums, the error has now changed to “Fetching the page failed because other errors.” What does this mean?

Twitter card validator does not work on https

I’m not sure. Are you able to share the URL?


Hi andy
I am having the same problem from last two weeks. My website is

Can you please look into this?


There’s something wrong with your SSL setup - I am seeing SslHandshakeException: handshake alert: unrecognized_name at remote address in my debug log which I suspect means that your server name does not match the certificate, or something similar.


Thanks for your reply, Andy. Here is the URL that I was testing:


Same issue, I see a handshake issue with your domain. Check your SSL setup.


I was confused about that. Originally, I was getting a specific error mentioning the SSL handshake. Now, however, I see the general “other errors.” Are you receiving an actual SSL error or does it say “other errors?” What would cause that to change?


I’m seeing the actual error I posted above SslHandshakeException: handshake alert: unrecognized_name at remote address


Hi Andy,

Thanks for your reply. This is Sanjay from AdLatch. So how do you suggest we solve this error? Because if I am right facebook, Pinterest and rest of social networks are getting snippets but not twitter?

Can you please explain and let me know how to fix this problem properly?


Our crawler is strict about things like SSL setup. I can’t comment on how other services work.

I don’t know what the exact issue with your site is, but there are a few threads like this one and this one which refer to ways to resolve SSL issues so that strictly-configured Java-based code can work with them.


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