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For some reason my homepage is whitelisted and when posting updates of my blog to other social media sites the preview shows up just fine, but on Twitter, my preview is incomplete. I apologize if this is a redundant post, I’ve tried entering metadata manually, although I am using a godaddy website builder and I have contacted their support, I was instructed to contact Twitter. Below is the validator page I receive:


What’s the URL? Have you already tried the troubleshooting steps as requested before posting here?


The individual blogs will post the Title and caption, but not the picture. The blog itself only posts the picture from the homepage and the SEO information from the homepage.

I’ve talked with godaddy support twice, although I have not figured if they have add-ons that might overcome the problems, thus far I have continually run into dead-ends.


The twitter:image tag on your blog post pages does not contain an http(s) protocol element, so the images cannot be loaded.

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