Card validator always fails with "Server error. Please try again." My or twitter's server? What's wrong?


I’m trying to validate and some of its subpages on the card validator, and as said in the title, I always get “Server error, please try again.”. I don’t know if it’s a problem with my page or what’s wrong. I’ve been trying for a while, so I suspect this isn’t a hiccup in twitter’s server.



Did you finally manage to get an answer to this?


The validator is throwing a 500 Server Error behind the scenes. Most likely due to the proxied image bug (which doesn’t seem to belie what the real issues is any better either).

We’re still waiting…




Still throwing errors for us. I would post the Image headers and the JSON data from the request, but this board won’t let me for some reason…


False alarm. A robots.txt file solved the Proxy image issue, but I am still receiving server errors…

SOLUTION: You need a robots.txt in web-root. Need.


I get this error sometimes, and sometimes not, even if I test the same URL. Leads me to believe it is on Twitter’s end.


I’m having same issue. Unable to validate my page. Very frustrating?! Anyone found a solution to this?


The issue is almost certainly on Twitter’s end. I get a “server error” using the validator tool about 90% of the time. Just keep trying!


Fixed for me when I added robots.txt - thanks @thebeline!


So adding robots.txt resolved your “server error - timeout” issue?


Same issue here. Added robots.txt, still getting the server error.


i have same problem. can u fix this problem?
recent adding robots.txt with this
User-agent: Twitterbot
Disallow: *

Allow: /images
Allow: /archives

but not working.


Please post the link here, we can’t help you without the link to your page, we have to test it in the validator too to help find the problem. Also, sometimes there might be some timeout depending on network traffic between our servers and yours, try again after waiting 10-15 minutes just to be sure.

Adding a robots.txt is not the way to solve most issues (except when your robots.txt disallows Twitterbot to crawl your pages).


I continue to get ‘Server not available’ errors for

I was able to get a card (without an image) on Tuesday, but since then, I have not been able to even generate a card - just server errors.


I’m trying to get a product card validated and I’m using to test the card.
A couple of weeks ago I was able to get it working but now the tool just keeps giving me server errors.


Same here. It used to work, now gallery cards don’t work at all. 99% of the time the validate tool throws errors. Every once in a while it works after many reloads.

never works on the important URL’s we need to work: < tons of usernames in this fashion that don’t work anymore

I really wish someone would shed some light on this problem. They were super cool when they came out, now I’m just frustrated from our lame posts that should be gallery cards.

(we haven’t changed anything on our end since they stopped working.)



please check this link


I have created the summary card look, i got the error for image i.e. “Failed to get a proxied URL for image.” I have implemented rest of the meta tags in the home page of website and validated, it shows the server error for the website

website url:

Also, i tried using the same tags of Open Graph instead of creating new tags for Twitter Cards, its not fetching data.


For any URL on our site we get “Server error, please try again.”

Open Graph works just fine, has been working for a long time.

Here is an example: