Card validation


Hi there,

I’m getting an error when i try to validate my card, but i think i have the meta tags set up. Can you guys have a look?



It looks like you have the wrong meta tag for the image. It should be “twitter:image:src”


I think i fixed that, but i still can validate it. Is there a caching issue? Shall i do something?

Here are my tags


I’m getting a generic debug message, which has sometimes meant that our servers are having a problem accessing your machine.

Is it possible that your site/host is blocking our twitter crawler?

More info on possible ways to diagnose/resolve here (including adding ASNUM) here:


The debug message i’m getting is not in the list in the Card Troubleshooting, so it’s a bit hard to debug. Any chance you can know what’s going on with the debug id?



I’m also having problems testing using the validator to test I’ve also tested with other sites with live card meta data previously tested as working with no luck. I’ve followed the instructions regarding setting up robots.txt. Any ideas? I’ve even tried running the link through bitly to rule out caching.


@JamieGDev it looks like you are trying to simulate a Lead Gen Card on your own site. Lead Gen Cards can only be created on or by using one of our Ads API partners ( Thanks!


Hi everyone!

I am trying to validate my site but i keep getting error :

Failed to crawl url, debugId: 305191867750

i didn’t disallow twitter in my robots.txt
and my twitter card tags are there, nothing seems wrong

Can you help me, please?